Thursday, September 08, 2005

Using Microsoft Producer to Enhance Flexible Learning

For those interested in exploring the use of this program (requires a webcam and headphones), the following instructions may be of some assistance.

Producer enables you to create a PowerPoint style presentation supported by synchronised audio and video.

1. Create a Folder to save the presentation/project into.
2. (select) Start®Microsoft Office®Producer
3. Use "New Presentation Wizard"
4. Follow selections
5. Import slides and images (browse to select PowerPoint presentation from
own files - ®NEXT)
6. (select) Capture (button)
7. (Select) Narrate slides with Video & Audio - ® NEXT
8. Follow selections until video image is generated.
9. Narrate slides with Video & Audio using headset and web cam.
(check microphone first)
10. When finished (select) - ® Stop
11. Save in folder
12. (select) Finish
13. (select) Finish
14. Preview presentation
15. Publish (to folder)
16. Exit (saving project to folder)

The link below takes you to Microsoft Producer's Home Page and provides you with the "free download" link and some published examples.


At 1:52 PM, Blogger Ron Passfield said...

Thanks Richard, Ron P. Richard spoke about Microsoft Producer at the Townsville workshop. He is located at the School of Distance Education, Charters Towers. Participants were interested in his current experiments with Producer to enable students to provide video evidence of competencies for assessment (especially students on remote farms, for example). Apparently, if students have a webcam and a microphone, they can create a "production" that can form the basis for an assessment of competencies. I understand that rural remote studnets are pretty well set up technologically because of governement funding.

(By the way Richard was able to make this original post because I invited him to join the blog team -this invitation will be going out to everyone shortly - when I finish the updates on the workshops.)


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