Sunday, October 23, 2005

Information Literacy

Information Literacy - how do we ensure students get the required skills? Is Information Literacy enough or do we need to look at the wider range of Multi-literacy’s?

Christine Bruce and Ilene Rockman sum up my understanding of information literacy when they say - "Information literacy is a natural extension of the concept of literacy in our information society. Information literacy education is the catalyst required to transform the information society of today into the learning society of tomorrow Information Literacy education has the power to transform the learning process into one that will empower learners, and give them the capacity to engage in self directed lifelong learning outside the formal education environment.” (Bruce 2004). "Information literacy … is the critical campus wide issue for the twenty – first century, of keen importance to all educational stakeholders…an information literacy curriculum is problem based, inquiry-based, and resource-based; makes effective uses of instructional pedagogies and technologies; is learner centred; and is integrated and articulated with a discipline’s learning outcomes.” (Rockman 2004)

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry along with the Business Council of Australia (2002) studied the skills required by new and existing employees. They found that considerable work had been done in various countries to find generic skills required by all employees. Comparing the skills of various countries, an ‘Employability skills Framework’ was drawn up for Australia.

In the VET sector training packages are used to deliver training. Each training package has a set of ‘units of competency’ that are used to ensure students are trained competently to an Australian wide standard in the various industries.
On taking a deeper look at the Training packages we can see where – Information literacy and indeed employability skills - can be incorporated. However in a lot of the ‘units of competency’ they are considered to be underpinning knowledge and therefore there is no accommodation made for these skills to be taught.

I have been working on a project to look at training packages to find out where Information Literacy can be embedded. This project is bigger than Ben Her, given the number of training packages in existence.

The idea is to enlist the help of others that work with training packages and perhaps each person could take responsibility for a different one. You would undertake the research into a Training Package and then share that information with everyone else so that the burden shared makes the load lighter.

I am proposing that we research Training Packages and find the ‘units of competency’ best suited to embedding Information Literacy. Then we can look at developing a set of assessment strategies that we can suggest to teachers so they can assess the unit addressing the Australia and New Zealand Information literacy framework, the Prague declaration on Information literacy principles, Employability skills and the Mayer competences.

If you are interested in working on this project please email me and I will organise a planning session, either virtually or personally


At 11:03 PM, Blogger Prathiba said...

Hi Cecily

I am unable to attend the workshop tomorrow. Please pass on my apologies to Ron.
However, I am interested in embedding information literacy skills with the Tourism training package. Please keep me updated.



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