Friday, August 05, 2005

Project planning workbook - a strategic approach to network development

Participants in the LearnScope Partnering for Professionalism Project have access to a workbook that will enable you to strategically plan your action learning project (s).

The workbook, titled Change Management Resources, was initially developed for the University of Queensland's action learning program and was used by 90 action learning teams from 1991-1999. *

The workbook has since been used throughout Australia and in the UK, Austria, Germany and South Africa to help executives and managers strategically plan their action learning projects. It is a proven tool for collaborative planning by an action learning project team.

This resource is intended to assist you to approach your project in a more effective way.

The first part of the workbook encourages you to use divergent thinking to explore the context of your project so that you consider a wide range of ideas, issues and people before you decide on the specifics of what you are going to do. This part covers issues such as project vision; analysis of stakeholders and your assumptions about them; determination of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in relation to the project; and identification of constraints and resources.

The second part of the workbook invloves convergent thinking to help you focus your energy and activities. This part covers project scope and goals, key result areas and action planning tools and techniques.

These activities can assist your project team as they provide an opportunity to achieve a common understanding of the project goals and to jointly decide on the most effective approach.

To obtain a copy of this workbook, just email me and request the workbook:

* Note: The nine year history of the University of Queensland Action Learning Program has been fully documented for posterity. A dedicated website provides details of the program design, brochures, processes, projects, tools and outcomes. The program was designed to develop innovation and leadership within the University through collaborative action learning projects involving teams that were composed of people drawn from different disciplines, faculties, campuses and staff categories. My role over the intitial six years was to mentor the program team in the design, conduct and evaluation of the program. If you want further information about the program or how you might use a similar process to develop flexible learning please contact me.

The history of the program is recorded at:


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