Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Stephen Downes digital research laboratory - online learning

Founded in 1995, Stephen’s Web is best described as a digital research laboratory for innovation in the use of online media in education. More than just a site about online learning, it is intended to demonstrate new directions in the field for practitioners and enthusiasts:

This is some site! Stephen provides articles (400) , publications, audios, and presentations.

The site newsletter, OLDaily, is an example of what would today be called a blog. Stephen’s Web was the world’s first educational blog, beginning in 1998 with dated links and commentary. The current version, OLDaily, was launched in May, 2001.

OLDaily is authored using a custom content management system. Links submitted are stored in a database. The newsletter is generated automatically as HTML content, text content, an RSS syndicated feed, and Javascript syndication. All four versions of OLDaily are available as email subscription newsletters.

Have a browse - it is mind boggling!


At 6:54 PM, Blogger Susan said...

Hi Ron

I have been getting OLdaily for about a year now and it is amazing what 'new' stuff I glean from it. Stephen Downes works for the Canadian govt and advises that country about e-learning and technology issues, so he has quite a wide contact list. He came to TNQ TAFE last year to talk to all interested people and I found it interesting. He encourages the use of RSS feeds and blogs - also promotes Wikipedia (an online encyclopedia that everyone can edit). Thanks for putting the web link up here.



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