Thursday, August 11, 2005

Great collaboration on the Sunshine Coast

The network creation workshop was launched on the Sunshine Coast on Wednesday 10 August 2005. There were 13 participants on the day (two others will join later).

The network members introduced themselves and their focus in the area of flexible learning/online learning. The group discussed briefly what flexible learning could embrace and explored the project purpose and goals.

Mixed sector groups then discussed flexible learning from the learner's perspective. This generated considerable energy and exchange of issues, approaches, strategies and techniques.

I introduced the project planning workbook and identified ways that it could be used for the collaborative project.

Participants then formed new groups and developed a vision for their collaboration.

This session led to identification of collaborative endeavours that could be pursued over a five year timeframe.

The following were areas identified for collaborative activity:

  • engagement of disengaged 14-17 year olds
  • alignment of school and TAFE timetables to enable release of school students for attendance at TAFE on a half -day or full day basis.
  • creation of short "sampling courses" for school students at the TAFE Institute
  • collaborative development of generic skills courses
  • engagement of retired people and employers in knowledge and skill development for both school and TAFE students (reference the VISE scheme)
  • collaborative development of the online teaching/learning skills of the network group through exposure to blogging, moodle, teleconference via telebridges, on-line chat rooms/forums, etc. (this could involve IT Diploma students running training activities that could form part of their assessment)
  • lobbying for removal of barriers to the development of seamless pathways

Project teams were formed to identify the scope and boundary of their collaborative activity and these teams will report separately. One of the teams will create a team blog within this site for ongoing communication and collaboration.

Structural barriers identified during the workshop included:

  • "double dipping" provisions that effectively prevented schools from using
    under-utilised TAFE facilities
  • Bandwidth costs that prevented schools from using already developed online learning activities and courses (impacting on users of computer labs and hundreds of school based computers)

Network members reported considerable personal and business benefits from the workshop and will report on this separately.


At 7:26 PM, Blogger Penny & Rosemary said...

Am really looking forward to our day in Rockhampton.
Your posts echo what we are saying here, and we have a "twin"blog same set up, same templpate, similar thoughts, have a look:
Rosemaary Shanks

At 9:25 PM, Blogger Piero Dametto said...

Not sure why i had to create an account that requireed me to set up my own blogg when all i wanted to do was post a reply

At 10:05 PM, Blogger Ron Passfield said...

Hi Piero

When you click on "comment", you will see a heading at the end of the comment text area which is called,
"Choose an identity"

The default status for this is "blogger" and you have to be registered to use this "identity".

However, if you click on the "other" button, you can just enter you name and webpage address (if desired) and you will be able to post your comments.

Alternatively, you can click on the anonymous button and no one will know who did the posting.


Ron P.

At 10:16 PM, Blogger Ron Passfield said...

To Penny & Rosemary

Loved your blog at:

I particularly enjoyed the colour!

Some participants are going to set up specialised blogs that we will link to the main blog so that we can have contributions across the State, e.g.
online career advice for school children
flexible learning "maturity model"
mobile learning

Are you interested in hosting a blog dedicated to flexible learning for childcare so that others can contribute to this topic with links back to the main blog?

Ron P.


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