Thursday, April 27, 2006

Reaching Younger People Who Think Differently

Nintendo Children and Twitch Speed

Marc Prensky discusses 'Twitch Speed' a phenomenon of the digital age. Prensky argues that students do not suffer from short attention spans - they actually have developed (through electronic games) the expectation of faster delivery of content.

Marc's article, titled "Reaching Younger Workers Who Think Differently", identifies 10 major cognitive style differences exhibited by those born after 1970:

  1. Twitch Speed vs Conventional Speed
  2. Parallel Processing vs Linear Processing
  3. Random Access vs Linear Thinking
  4. Graphics First vs Text First
  5. Connected vs Stand Alone
  6. Active vs Passive
  7. Play vs Work
  8. Payoff vs Patience
  9. Fantasy vs Reality
  10. Technology as Friend vs Technology as Foe

The full article can be accessed here:



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