Thursday, April 06, 2006

Joint Venture (JV) Marketing with a viral ebook or report

Joint Venture Marketing has become a major tool for internet marketers to obtain leads and prospects for their products and services.

The basic elements are:

* someone who has a high internet profile hosts a JV giveaway
* they invite other internet marketers to participate in the JV giveaway
* the JV partners offer gifts (ebooks, software, etc) to people who visit the JV Giveway website
* visitors can acess any gift provided they subscribe to the mailing list of the relevant contributing, JV partner

This is a fast way to build your mailing list of prospects who in turn become subscribers to your autoresponder (e.g. weekly ezine or newsletter).

The JV partners promote the Giveaway event and people visit the site and subscribe. Visitors, in turn, promote to their own lists and friends.

An example:

* I wrote a viral ebook/report on the 30th and 31st March (using an ebook compiler)
* I uploaded it to the Easter JV Giveaway website on 1 April
* Visitors to the JV website subscribed to my mailing list and downloaded my report

The Easter JV Giveaway involves over 1200 partners and over 300 gifts.

The link for the relevant Easter JV Giveaway (hundreds of ebooks and software) is:

Every hour of every day since I April I have been getting messages like this:
  • Autoresponse Plus Subscription Thursday, 7 April 2006 5.55am
  • Autoresponse Plus Subscription Thursday, 7 April 2006 5.53am
  • Autoresponse Plus Subscription Thursday, 7 April 2006 5.38am
  • Autoresponse Plus Subscription Thursday, 7 April 2006 5.13am
As I worked in Adelaide over the past four days, my mailing list was automatically filling with new propects from around the world who were downloading my ebook/report. This is also occurring as I write now.

This demonstrates how you can get almost instant global distribution of information and at the same time build your prospect mailing list. My autoresponder is taking over now and sending the new prospects my weekly ezine automatically. Additionally some of the prospects will be sending my report to people on their mailing list and so it goes on....

You can get a copy of my report, The Blog Report: How to Make Money from Your Blog at:

(This is a zipped, EXE file that works like a pdf file. It contains links to ebooks and software as well as tips and articles on the creation and marketing of blogs.)


At 6:16 PM, Blogger Chris said...

Great example of how simple joint ventures can be.

Remember that it's JUST as simple to negotiate a cross-sell, trading "upsell" spaces on "Thank-you" pages, and even co-authoring products.

And even if you don't have a list, a product or a "reputation", you DO have one thing that most successful marketers DON'T:

Time and Elbow Grease

Trust me, if you offer to leverage THOSE assets to their advantage - with a dash of creativity - then you will definitely get their attention!

So now you have NO excuse not to contact the biggest players in your niche and strike up a deal.

You DO have something to offer.


Chris Rempel
Joint Venture Web


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