Monday, February 13, 2006

Live Conversation - Using Elluminate

Now is your chance to try out Elluminate via the Australian Flexible Learning Leaders virtual office in Learning Times Australia.

Instructions for downloading Elluminate are provided below.

Live Conversation: 28th February

Preparation: Read the lead article 'Managing Emergent Work: Revisiting Jazz Lessons', and join the live online conversation with international co-authors Ann Majchrzak, Dave Logan, Mathias Kirchmer and Ron McCurdy on the role of improvisation and shifting leadership in the management of global business projects.

Time: February 28th, 2006 at 1pm (Qld time) [2pm Australian ESST (Daylight Saving), 28/2 at 4 pm New Zealand, 2/27 7p PST, 2/27 10p EST - United States].

Location: The Australian Flexible Learning Framework's virtual office in Learning Times Australia at:

You'll need a microphone and speakers or head set. Looking forward to meeting you online.


Elluminate Live! Helpful Hints

Please complete these steps at least two days before the event so that any technical difficulties can be addressed:

1. Join Learning Times Australia ( if you haven't already (It's free).

2. Then go to and
(What can you see?In the left menu you should see Member Offices and you should be in the Learning Times Australia site.)

3. Click on Member offices: You'll see in the right frame a link to the Australian Flexible Learning Framework (AFLF) virtual office.

4. If you scroll down you'll also see Test Room and further down Guided TourEither of these latter two will set up you and teach you about Elluminate Live!
The software should then automatically download and install (about 5 minutes on broadband; 15 - 20 on dial up.)
If you can enter the AFLF or test room, enter text in the direct messaging area, write on the whiteboard, and the TALK button (lower left of screen) switches to ON THE AIR when you click it then you have a successful connection.
If the software does not automatically download and install it is likely that it is being blocked by a network firewall and you may need IT assistance.
For more help with live events contact Michael Coghlan at
The ‘conversations’ will run in conjunction with activities run by the Australian Flexible Learning Framework’s (Framework) E-learning Networks Project at:

Click to view more about the ‘conversations’ and how to participate in the Networks Community Forum at:
You'll need to login to read (free).
For further information contact the editor, Jo Murray on tel: +61 (0)3 6253 6029 or email:


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