Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Podcasting for marketing, profit and fun

Podcasting can be used for education, marketing, fun and profit.

The ebook, "Podcasting for Fun & Profit" is a comprehensive resource that shows you how to develop and publish a podcast.

The information in the ebook can be used to develop podcasts to market a course and/or your school/institute/training organisation. The information can also be used to develop podcasts to make money or to have fun (a great way to learn!).

This 83 page ebook is very comprehensive and is designed as a learning tool and incorporates a glossary of terms, chapter summaries, examples, graduated project tasks, action steps and "things you should know". It literally takes you by the hand through the processes of understanding podcasts, listening to them, creating podcasts and marketing your podcasts.

The core chapters are:
  • What is Podcasting?
  • Getting started by downloading and listening
  • Podcasting software and equipment
  • Podcast host sites
  • Creating successful podcast for particular markets or niches
  • 10 Ways to make money with podcasts
The graduated project tasks are as follows:
  1. Get set up and listen to a podcast
  2. Preparing to podcast
  3. Become a podcaster
  4. Develop your podcast
  5. Keep you podcast going
The ebook, Podcasting for Fun & Profit, can be downloaded as a zipped file at:

(For some inexplicable reason, however, it will be quicker to download if you use the "post title" or "ebook name" hotlinks given earlier)


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