Sunday, February 05, 2006

Knowledge Tree Goes Mobile

Here's a note from Jo Murray, editor of the Knowledge Tree, an e-journal of learning innovation and research:

"The latest research and innovation in global e-learning practice is mobile. In an exciting development, The Knowledge Tree: an e-Journal of Learning Innovation Edition 8,is now accessible via hand held mobile devices.

Edition 8 focuses on tensions in the convergence of e-learning and e-business. ...

Short industry-focussed video interviews feature e-business and e-learning experts, including Ghent University’s ‘Instructional Sciences’ Professor Dr Martin Valcke, with hints on corporate-education partnerships. Others offer insights on the e-business supply chain, new directions in mobile learning, induction by e-learning and practical approaches to e-learning.

Articles question when social interaction in corporate e-learning is necessary, investigate the gap in e-learning readiness between enterprises and training organisations, challenge the need for flashy multimedia and reflect on networking as a driver of e-learning.

Current research features a selection of useful e-business RSS feeds. "

NOTE: You can access previous research and innovation through the archive copies of the Knowledge Tree:

From Jo:

"Details of how to set up and configure your particular mobile device [for accessing the Knowledge Tree] are available from the Mobile Learning Practitioners Network forum. Free registration is required. Any feedback from mobile device users on this experiment is be very welcome."

Thanks to Jo Murray
Managing Editor, The Knowledge Tree: an e-Journal of Learning Innovation

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