Tuesday, May 16, 2006

UK Podcast Directory for Educators, Schools and Colleges

Educational podcasting for teaching and learning

This is the first UK directory for podcasts for educational use - each listed podcast is ideal for teaching and learning activities with children or young people at home, school or college.

With more and more audio, enhanced and video podcasts on the Internet, you need to access quality educational podcasts for teaching and learning.

This site is accredited by BECTA as a registered content provider for Curriculum Online.

In this directory, educators can freely access educational content in over 2500 podcasts, with search facilities to locate podcasts in subject areas.

The directory creators affirm:
All the listed podcasts are "family friendly", sourced world-wide and are good examples of educational podcasting from schools, colleges and educational professionals to support effective teaching and learning in this digital age as well as professional development and information.

You can access the site here:

The podcasting for educators site includes:

- a heap of resources on how to create podcasts, get them onto the Internet, access channels and RSS feeds:

- podcast "educational channels" giving you access to podcasts developed at home, in schools and colleges by children, young people, teachers and parents:

- subject-specific podcasts:

- alphabetical listing of all podcasts (channels):


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