Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Research Reports : Learning Needs of Young People

Surrey Lifelong Learning Partnership has commissioned reports that focus on the learning needs of those young people who either do not continue in to learning post-school, or who drop off learning with one or two years, or who do not find appropriate training once they are in employment.

Two particularly relevant reports are:

1. Engaging Reluctant Pre-16 Learners - Adrian Norton
  • factors contributing to under-performance of 14-16 learners
  • types of intervention to combat reluctance amongst young people
  • features of successful reengagement schemes
  • solutions in Surrey (case studies)
  • key ways to re-engage reluctant learners

2. Young People in Retail Employment - Rachel Papworth
  • attitudes to a retailing career and to learning and school
  • experienced negative elements of retail employment
  • experienced positive elements of retail employment
  • training and development needs
  • research findings
  • initiatives to address the issues
Both reports are available on the Surrey Lifelong Learning Partnership site:


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