Monday, August 22, 2005

Collaboration on professional development - Brisbane 15/8 Workshop group

Nine people attended the network development workshop on 15 August in Brisbane.

Those present from TAFE Institutes, schools and private providers agreed to collaborate in their own professional development in the area of flexible learning and online/e-learning.

The group has decided to work their way through a range of e-learning technologies and will start with an online chat. In the meantime, Simon Brown from Brisbane North TAFE has introduced the group to ANTA's "resource generator":

The group also suggested that participants in the Partnering for Professionalism project could be encouraged to create specialised blogs in areas such as:
  • online career advice for school children
  • mobile learning
  • moodle
  • blogging

These blogs could then be opened up to the whole Partnering for Professionalism community (more than 150 people) for comment and/or original postings. In this way, we would have evolving resources that could be linked back to this project blog.

If you are interested in creating a specialised blog for use by the PfP community or want to contribute to a particular blog, please let me know.

Ron P.


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