Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Delivering What Students Say They Want On-Line

Delivering What Students Say They Want On-Line: Towards Academic Participation in the Enfranchisement of e-Learners?

by Richard Hall, 2006, Department of Academic Quality, De Montfort University, UK,
The Electronic Journal of e-Learning, 4(1), 25-32.

Topics covered include:
  • notions of learner enfranchisement
  • enfranchising e-Learners: battery-farmed or free ranging?
  • the role of teamwork in franchising e-Learners
  • the impact of e-Learning on the student learning experience
  • managing expectations: towards cohesive rules of engagement
  • the value of currency and interactivity
  • towards academic engagement
The article in pdf format can be found at the following URL:


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