Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Networked Education for the 21st Century

Networked for Learning: Enabling 21st Century
Student Success

Produced by ENA (Education Networks of America
and InfoTech Strategies (2006)

This 52 page pdf report sets out to address
some fundamental questions:
* Are schools focused on the right outcomes?
* Will today's students be prepared for the types
of jobs they will encounter in the 21st Century?
* Or will schools prepare them for a world that
no longer Exists?

The Networked for Learning report
addresses these questions in the light of how
life has changed for today's students. The
report concludes that " The 21st century requires
a new model for education that relies on increased
collaboration and a new approach to managing
technology infrastructure."

Here is an excerpt from the Executive Summary:
" A new model - networked education - is one
of the most effective ways to support 21st
century outcomes.

The world has changed dramatically in the last
decade, but education has not kept pace. However,
a new model for 21st century learning is emerging:
networked education.

In this model, networked communities, networked
tools and the Education-Managed Internet Service
Provider (Ed-MISP)converge to transform the way
all students learn and teachers teach.

Students participate in more personalized,
equitable learning opportunities. Teachers rely
on a vast array of resources that help make
education more relevant to their students.

Parents are much more connected to their
children's educations than ever before.

Dynamic education opportunities are being
created that are also cost-effective to

And the results are truly groundbreaking."

For the full text of this report,


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