Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Success University: Self-Funding, Online Personal Development

Success University represents a new wave in online learning - the
self-funding, personal development program.

The basic concept is that you earn while you learn. You can earn

an income by promoting the Internet-based program that
provides your learning and tuition. The income from your
promotions not only defrays the costs of your training and
tuition fees but also creates an ongoing income.

Students of self-funding, development programs become affiliates

or associates of the training provider.

Self-funding, development programs have emerged in areas such

as language teaching and IT training.

Success University is the premium, self-funding, personal
development program at the moment because of the breadth of
its offering, the quality of its faculty,the multiple methods of
delivery, its guided training program and the income potential

The core features are as follows:

* online personal development education via streaming audio

and video, recorded conference calls, automatic e-mail lessons,
e-books, downloadable workbooks, live conference calls with
leading experts and an electronic library.

* a faculty of the world's leading experts in personal development

such as Robert Allen, Denis Waitley, Lisa Jeminez, Jim Rohan, Zig
Ziglar, Asha Tyson, Tony Alessandra, and Patricia Fripp

* an affiliate program incorporating online marketing tools and

training by leading Internet marketers

* a multi-faceted commission payment system on multiple


This is the direction global education is heading in. Many US

universities, and even niche colleges offering online education,
are using affiliates to help market their programs. The commission
offered in these cases is considerably less than that offered by
Success University. The usual method to pay affiliates in the
education industry is on the basis of pay per lead (PPL) , pay per

click (PPC) or pay per enrolment.

What we are seeing is the intersection of online learning

and Internet marketing and this trend will accelerate given
the incessant innovation in Internet marketing and affiliate
marketing that is occurring at the moment.

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