Thursday, June 29, 2006

Txt Me: supporting disengaged youth using mobile technologies

This is a New Practices in Flexible Learning 2004 project managed by Jill Jamieson.

I mentioned this project in January but the project site was updated in February and is well worth revisiting in the light of our current focus on disengaged learners.

The project site now provides video clips, pdf reports, case studies and guidelines for the use of mobile learning to engage learners.

The project is described as follows:

The project recognises that mobile phone use has become a pervasive communication tool among youth culture, and has aimed to develop recommendations and guidelines for VET providers on using this communication technology to support a sustainable learning culture with disengaged youth. Specifically, the project sought to find new ways to engage, motivate and sustain lifelong learning skills for these learners.

The project tested the hypothesis that m-learning strategies and mobile phone technology motivates and supports the retention of disengaged youth in learning programs and facilitates the development of lifelong learning skills through supporting collaborative, networked learning environments.

The overall goal of the project was to integrate readily accessible mobile technology into a vocational learning environment for the benefit of disengaged learners. (emphasis added)

You can access the project site here:


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