Thursday, June 29, 2006

Converting Disengaged Learners to Active Participants

Transfiguring It Out: Converting Disengaged Learners to Active Participants

by Marcia L. Rock

TEACHING Exceptional Children, 2004, 36 (5), 64-72.

Marcia cites Arthur Coombs who suggests that "self-belief" is "perhaps the most important single cause of a person's success or failure educationally".

Marcia's approach can be encapsulated in one of her early comments:

"This article addresses the challenge of disengaged students and provides teachers with a "transfiguration" model that uses a practical and robust strategy to transform disengaged learners.

Let's examine the inclusive education environment and why we need to transform the way we work with all our students to set learning goals, create a workable plan, use motivating activities, and reflect and evaluate along the way." (bold emphasis added)

The full PDF text of the article can be found by CLICKING HERE.


At 7:11 PM, Blogger Marie said...

Hi all

I am ever amazed at how much the information available hits personally as well as professionally. I planned to get some tips for our organisation and found a "textbook" simple plan for working with my own child. Thanks to Ron for keeping up the good work! Marie

At 7:11 PM, Blogger Leann Nichol said...

It is amazing that in my experience I seem to have two types of disengaged young people at my school: those who are using the school environment as a 'safe place' until they can go somewhere else but tend to have high absenteeism and then at the other extreme those who are present everyday but disengaged from the classroom environment.


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