Monday, August 14, 2006

Manual for Movie Maker 2 and Digital movies for PDA's

Manuals for Movie Maker 2 for Digital Storytelling

Carole McCulloch recently pointed out these manuals that
were developed by Robyn Jay during the TAFE
Frontiers funded project DST for VET and ACE in 2004.

The manuals in PDF format can be accessed here.

Carole in her post raises a number of questions:

"...As you know I have been working on various
strategies for implementing the digital storytelling
methodology into VTE practice for some years now.
The latest iteration of this is the use of Movie Maker 2
for compressing movies for playback on Pocket PCs.

This is done quite simply by choosing the Pocket PC
option (and choosing the screen size required) in the
final movie saving segments.

If you need any materials for doing this you'll find
them in the Digital Storytelling Network.

...My question for the group is; how far have we explored
this particular method of resource development for
PDAs? Do others have some examples or Pocket
PC movies for sharing?

Another related question is; how far have we explored
the use of digital movies as assessment tools for our
classes? Do others have some examples of digital
story or movie assignments?"



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