Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Survey - Social Software for Learning


The Australian Flexible Learning Framework is funding
a research project focusing on the use of social
software for learning.

The current research investigates how social software can
best support teaching and learning in VTE and the learning
and development of VTE practitioners.

It’s being funded by the Research and Policy Advice and
Knowledge Sharing Services projects of the Framework.

The researcher is Val Evans Consulting and work is well
underway. You can monitor progress through the Social
Software Research Wiki and Blog.

The current phase of the research is the launch of the
Social Software for Learning Survey which aims to target
a broad audience - those who are less familiar with the
concepts as well as those who use social software frequently.

We’d appreciate your support by -
1. participating in the survey yourself
2. referring your networks to the Flex e-news story

You are also strongly encouraged to contibute to the
SocialSoftware Research Wiki and Blog.

Contributions, insights, responses to specific research
questions or just general musings, related to this contemporary
subject are welcomed.

The research team is particularly interested in
your stories - share your stories, musings and/or your
visions , and add your links to the research wiki or contact
the researcher, Val Evans:

Alternatively, you can contact Paula Johnson:

Knowledge Sharing Services and Research and Policy Advice

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