Friday, September 29, 2006

Electronic Portfolios and Digital Storytelling

Dr. Helen Barrett has established herself as an
international expert in the area of Electronic

She describes an ePortfolio as follows:
An ePortfolio is a purposeful collection of work that
demonstrates effort, progress and achievement over time,
stored in an electronic container (CD, DVD, WWW). In this
context and in terms of the technology, a digital story
is a digital video clip, told in the author's own voice,
illustrated mostly with still images, with an optional
music track added for emotional effect. Rhetorically,
a digital story is a personal narrative that may show
the author’s identity: strengths, weaknesses, achievements,
disappointments, learning experiences, passions, and
hopes for the future; in other words: reflection.

Helen's site contains comprehensive resourcess on
ePortfolios including tutorials, examples, equipment
needs, research papers, presentations and links.

Her site can be accessed here:

In a recent article, Helen discusses the link between
digital storytelling and ePortfolios
. She explains
the purpose of the article as follows:

I address two issues in developing digital stories
in ePortfolios: Why? and How? or the Multiples Purposes
for adding digital stories to ePortfolios and the
emerging Web 2.0 tools that can be used to develop
digital stories. Where I have examples of digital
stories, I have provided web links.

The body of the article also contains web links to
resources and tools for both ePortfolios and Digital

This article is hot off the press and well worth
reading. You can access it by clicking on the
title below:

Digital Stories in ePortfolios: Multiple Purposes
and Tools

This is one of her numerous publications, many of which
have hotlinks embedded.

The ePortfolio site is located at:

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