Wednesday, September 20, 2006

TAFE SA Adelaide North - Podcasting Project

Allison Miller, E-Learning Co-ordinator TAFE SA
Adelaide North explains the project as follows:

We are aiming to have MP3 recorders available,
in each Program Area or borrowed from
the Library,
where an educator can simply attach
the recorder to
themselves and record a lecture,
a guest speaker, an
interview, give instructions
for assessments etc.

Once the recording has been done then the
would then be giving to an Admin
Support Officer to
upload into the pod-server
(still being investigated),
which will then 'cast'
to subscribed students. We feel
this approach
will enable a wider group of educators

to utilise podcasting, especially for flexible or
distance students.

We have a few names of TAFE SA people using
podcasting who we will also utilise their expertise,
and we are very interested to hear from
who is using podcasting as an
e-Learning tool - about
what works well,
hiccups, student feedback etc or
of any
contact details of people we should be
to about podcasting.
(emphasis added)

You can visit the work in progress via the
project blog.


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