Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Podagogy: Where podcasting meets teaching & learning

Podagogy is a new word to add to your vocabulary.

This blog explores the potential of podcasting, RSS, and other
technologies for delivering instructional content and academic

The blog creator explains the derivation of the term
By combining “podcasting” and pedagogy I’ve come up
with podagogy. My initial intent for creating a
frankenword” like podagogy is to provide a term
describing the act or practice of using podcasting to deliver
instructional or academic support content in Higher
Education and Online Education.
See the
Wikipedia entry for podagogy.

Besides the ongoing discussion of the development of
podcasting in education, this site offers the following
useful links:

Podcasting in Education
7 Things You Should Know About Podcasting
Educational podcasting directory
Education Podcasting Network
Podcasts for educators, schools and colleges
U.K. directory)
Resources for educational podcasting
(Bernie Dodge, webquest guy)
Podcasting Library at the e-Learning Centre
(excellent U.K. resource)
Podcasting in Education

You can visit the site here:

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