Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Information Resource about e-Learning

The e-Learning Centre is an information resource
for learning and development professionals and
academics and staff developers.

This UK site has a Google ranking of 6/10 so
it is content rich - a great resource for
research, case studies and products.

Resources are grouped under 5 broad categories
with sub-groupings:

products and services

Here's a sense of the magnitude of this site.
The sample entry below is one of 100 entries on
"blogging and RSS"
. Blogging and RSS is one of
20 subcategories of "Technologies and Trends".
"Technologies and Trends" is one of 10 categories
in the library.

RSS Ideas for educators (pdf)
By Quentin D'Souza From
Added: 8 February 2006
Reviewer's Note: A great document on what RSS
is and how to use it

The Showcase section provides e-learning case
studies in four main areas:

General interest e-Learning Showcase
College and University e-Learning Showcase
School e-Learning Showcase
Workplace and Professional Development
e-Learning Showcase

Here is one of over 130 entries in the schools
e-learning showcase:

Maths is fun
"Keep your students entertained while they
learn mathematics."
Added: 26 June 2006
Reviewer's Note: There is material here for
every year of school.


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