Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Student Podcasts: Podcasting for teaching ESOL students

Rosa Ochoa describes herself as an ESOL teacher of adults
at TAFE, Sydney Institute. She is interested in encouraging
students to use podcasting as a means of using English in a
real way to communicate with other learners, teachers or
people who may share their personal interests.

Rosa has drawn a lot of praise for her efforts in this area.
She has created a podomatic blog called "Let's Talk".

Rosa describes Let's Talk as:
...a space for a group of ESOL students, mostly new
arrivals (AMEP), to braodcast short audio files recorded
by them to practise their English.

Rosa's site is well worth a visit. She explains that she uses
podomatic for the students' podcasts but often imports onto
podomatic, mp3 files done with Audacity/iriver.

In a recent post to the Cool Resources for E-Learning
, Rosa explains further:

For my other podcasts I use an iriver mp3 player (with a
good microphone). I edit the files with Audacity or with
Adobe Audition 1.5 (which allows me to mix music a bit
better than Audacity).

The biggest problem I face is the fact that we can't use
podomatic at TAFE to record.

Why not visit Rosa's "Let's Talk" site and post a
Your comments will help the Google ranking of her site
(which already has an impressive 3/10 ranking).

Here's the link:

BTW the podomatic site offers the following free:
  • 500 MB of storage and 15 GB monthly downloads
  • Podcast and Videocast support
  • Listener call in line
  • Podcast Templates - See podomatic examples
  • Record video and audio online
  • Viral marketing tools
  • Podcast listener and download statistics

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