Thursday, September 28, 2006

Digital and Traditional Storytelling - Jason Ohler

Jason Ohler's site provides public access information as well
as information for a workshop on digital storytelling.

The site is geared towards the classroom teacher.

There are two main parts to the discussion of digital

Part I - Storytelling, literacy and learning

This part of the digital storytelling focuses on using storytelling
to advance literacy and learning.

It discusses different types of stories, provides examples and
suggests some guidelines for literacy development.

Here's James perspective on the theme -
Digital, Art, Oral and Written literacies- the DAOW of literacy -
are crucial for personal, academic and workplace success in
the Digital Age and blend very well in a digital storytelling

Click here for this part:

PART II - Technology, techniques, resources

This is the part of the digital storytelling site that focuses
on hardware, software, resources and techniques.

Here the focus is on how to create digital stories:


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