Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Knowledge Tree - Going Communal (Edition 11)

The Knowledge Tree - an E-Learning Journal

Edition II - Going Communal

This edition’s main focus is looking at what it means to be in
community on the Web, that is, examining what is community
or communion, the structures being used to create Web
communities, the types of communites that are emerging,
the processes used to facilitate online communities, the
elationships being formed within Web communities and
the uses of Web communities in education.

Key content:

Blogs and Community - launching a new paradigm
for online community?

Nancy White

Blogging at the Chalkface
Alison Gotts

Moodling while mobile: an interview with Leo Gaggl

Thinking beyond pen and paper:
an interview with Jenny Ashby

Book review: Mobile Learning: A handbook for educators
and trainers

Ian Robertson

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