Monday, December 04, 2006

Understanding Learning Networks: Stephen Downes

Presentation to Universite de Moncton, November 2, 2006.

This presentation is an excellent resource - great Chrissie

It brings together lots of seemingly disparate ideas in the area
of online learning/e-learning.

You can download the Powerpoint presentation here:

The presentation is also available in MP3 format here:

Stephen covers topics such as:
Web 2.0
- content creation & posting
- collaborative writing
- content syndication (RSS networks)
- aggregators
- webtops
E-Learning 2.0 (diagram)
Personalised learning environments
The Future of Online Learning

This is a great way to review your own learning for the
past year and review the connections between the different
elements. It also gives some insight into where online
learning is headed.

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