Wednesday, September 07, 2005

31/8 Brisbane Workshop

Potential collaboration projects from this workshop:

Group 1 - Group for Educational Leadership (GEL)
  • Share experiences and reflect on what works and what does not work/ what is viable?
  • Focus - strategic level
  • Mentor group model
  • Face-to-face communication in social contexts (e.g. over dinner)

Next meeting has already been organised for Judy Gronold, Bev Childs, Sandra Lawrence, Madonna Scrase, and Jodie McCabe

Lily Reid and Marie Weatherford also indicated interest in this group.

Group 2 - Libraries and Information Environments

  • new structures and business models, issues of competitive edge, centres of excellence, marketing
  • need for information literacy embedded in training packages, demand for multi-literacies
  • technology – LCMS, LMS, SMS, Smart Board, e-books, DOI, LIMS, Blogs, Chat

Discussion involved Cecily Martina, Robyn Austin, Douglas Austin and Prathiba Naran

Group 3 – Teaching and Learning

  • educating/upskilling teachers
  • enriching the on-line experience
  • teachers experiencing the student experience
  • catering for different learning styles

Denise Morgan is interested in coordinating this topic and will create a forum. Discussion participants included Sue Morrish, Curt Draheim, Marie Weatherford, Kate Niblett, Michelle Robinson, and Julie Niblett.

Other topic areas discussed included:

Disengaged/mature learners (Marie Weatherford), online assessment (Helen Renisch and Robert Swindleburst), communication platforms & LMS (Marie Weatherford), quality of product for online delivery and effective use of Toolboxes (Denise Morgan) .

Sally Campbell (Woodridge SHS) stressed the need for links with schools, TAFE's and RTO's.

Catherine Stent, Janine Priest, Lily Reid focused on the need to share so that "we don't reinvent the wheel".

(Many thanks to Angela Bryan, my co-facilitator, for these notes!)


At 9:02 PM, Anonymous Judy Gronold said...

Just to let you know we had our first GEL meeting 13th September - a dinner meeting worked well for us with 80% attendance and a spirited discussion focussing on demanding leadership situations. Each GELEE member provided a case study for consideration - colleagues challenged one another with a number of possible outcome scenarios dependent on the style of the leader and the reactions of those involved. The forum provided an opportunity to share experience and to support one another.


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