Thursday, December 07, 2006

Review of Acrobat Connect - Online Collaboration and Web Conferencing

Online Collaboration And SOHO Web Conferencing:
Acrobat Connect Is The New Reference

by Robin Good, 7 December 2006

This is Robin Good's assessment of Adobe Acrobat 8 (Adobe Connect)
which was released on 6 December 2006.

Here's the introduction:

"Yesterday, Adobe officially announced the release of the new
Adobe Acrobat 8 which carries now within itself the fertile seed
of easy-to-use real-time online collaboration for just about everyone.

The new Acrobat Connect not only facilitates instantaneous
document exchange and review but makes web conferencing and
collaboration instantaneously accessible from the hundreds of
millions of existing Acrobat users out there.

Yes, the breakthrough news for the new Adobe Acrobat 8, which
is a major new upgrade from the preceding version, is not so much
the cool and highly usable new interface or advanced new commands
but rather the premier integration of the core Macromedia Breeze
technology, now labeled Connect, into every single instance of
Acrobat Reader and Professional versions.

To me this, is really "the announcement of the year" for the web
conferencing and online collaboration industries. Nothing that has
happened in 2006 has had or will have the impact that the
introduction of Acrobat Connect (Macromedia Breeze under disguise)
technology will have on the use, adoption and popularization of
such collaboration and conferencing tools."

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