Thursday, December 07, 2006

Stanford on iTunes U: Revolutionizing Curriculum and Communications

Report from Profiles in Success

"Palo Alto, CA - In April of 2005, Stanford University joined a
select group of pioneers. As a founding member of the
Apple Digital Campus Exchange, the university began exploring a
future in which pervasive computing and the use of devices such
as iPod would play a significant role in education. Soon after, the
university launched its "Stanford on iTunes" initiative, which
gave users an easy way to access rich digital materials. Now,
Stanford on iTunes U offers a wealth of audio and video content
to the university's academic community worldwide.

Stanford on iTunes U first got underway when Stanford's Vice
Provost for Undergraduate Education began exploring the
possibility of delivering course content to students via an
iTunes site. Soon after, the Office of University Communications
recognized the potential to deliver recorded lectures and other
campus events to alumni and the general public through an
iTunes U site. Given the university's enormous repository
of content, this new medium immediately proved invaluable
in keeping the Stanford community connected."

For the full report (3 pages) go here:

PS. The Apple Digital Campus Exchange is well worth a visit:

I had a browse and subscribed to a series of podcasts on
learning Italian - free resources provided direct to my iTunes
for easy download to my iPod.


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