Thursday, December 07, 2006

Robin Good's Resources: reviews of web conferencing tools plus....

Robin Good (alias for Luigi Canali De Rossi) provides a wide range of
resources that can be accessed free. Here's a sample:

1. Robin Good's Official Guide To Web Conferencing And
Live Presentation Tools

The guide involves over 650 Web pages and 800+ color screenshots
covering 23 tools with 22 comparison tables across the whole range
of features and facilities. Luigi states that it is updated to
October 2005 (but I notice a review of Groove - Feb. 2006).

This resource can be accessed here:

or by clicking here.

The table of contents is available here.

[The subsequent posting on Adobe Acrobat 8 (Acrobat Connect)
gives you some sense of the depth of the reviews provided.]

2. Mastermind Explorer

This is a monthly newsletter sharing new tools, technologies and
providing access to critical unexposed information to facilitate
positive change, through better communication and more
effective learning.

Here's some features of this monthly newsletter:

- More than 30 pages of reviews and useful content
- No ads
- Independent (truly)
- Unique articles and exclusive content not available elsewhere
- RSS Newsfeed (for each one of the research categories covered)
- Daily news blog (Sharewood Tidings)
- All content archived and searchable online
- Text only - compatible with all email clients
- Only some rights reserved - Creative Commons license
- Over 8200 subscribers in 50 different countries
- Free - no strings attached
- A work of passion and good research

Here's Robin's (Luigi's) stated philosophy:

MasterMind Explorer supports Open Source tools, valuable
Shareware and Freeware, non-profit projects, alternative tools
to large software monopolies, Grassroots tools and technologies.

For more background on the content/purpose and Luigi himself
can be found on the sign-up page here:

Here's a post that you might like to reflect on over the
Chrissie break (it asks some challenging questions):

Learning: Will my kids still go to College?


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