Friday, August 31, 2007

I am now updating these resources via Squidoo

I have created a number of Squidoo lenses to provide
regular updating of these resources on online
learning and e-learning.

Here are the links:

Have you been using the free Squidoo platform
in your teaching?

Be inspired by Lensmaster Evelyn Saenz who states:
"My passion is teaching and finding ways to teach
children in fun, hands-on, creative ways. The unit studies
I make on Squidoo reflect my view that learning should
be integrated and no skills should be taught in isolation."

To see Evelyn's innovative lesson plans, CLICK HERE.

I've also created a lens on Squidoo Marketing
Strategies that you can draw on to develop and
market Squidoo lenses about your courses, your teaching
and yourself:

On these lenses, you will find links to my free
email course on developing and marketing
Squidoo lenses.

Registration for this e-course also comes with a subscription
to my weekly ezine where I offer updated Squidoo
marketing strategies and hints.

My e-book on Squidoo marketing can be found

Ron Passfield
Brisbane Australia