Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Beyond Text: Using Your Voice Online

This resource developed through a New Practices in Flexible Learning 2005 project is getting rave reviews in the 2006 E-learning Networks Community Forum.

The project "has explored the application of online voice technologies in different learning contexts and with different learner groups to develop some models of practice and practical guides for teachers in the Australian vocational education and training (VET) sector wishing to move beyond text and integrate online voice technologies into online delivery, assessment and support services."

The website has three major sections:
  • Case Studies - incorporating audio/visual stories, online learning activities and underpinning pedagogy
  • Facilitator guides - overview of online tools and how to integrate them into teaching and learning
  • Future directions of voice online

You can check out this great resource here:


2006 E-learning Networks and Facilitators

This 6 page PDF document gives you basic details of the EdNA e-learning networks and facilitators involved:

The 2006 e-learning networks include:
  • The train and assess remote and virtual workers network (teleworkers, home based workers, mobile workers)
  • Small business e-learning tools network
  • E-assessment in a teaching and learning environment network
  • Talking About Voice network (VTE practitioners who currently use or intend to use online voice technologies to enhance learner experiences and outcomes)
  • CCDLearn (network of community cultural development practitioners and trainers in local government and community)
  • Emergency Managment Training network
  • eCommunications 2.0 (exploring Web 2.0 tools)
  • Web 2.0 networked learning community (Community of Practice exploring Web 2.0 technologies in education)
  • Construction teachers network
  • NetSPACE (online communication amongst 6 independent school clusters in WA)
  • Ve-learning network (TAFE Qld online support platform for Learnscope 2006 projects)
  • PD for working with Personal Digital Assistants PDA (emerging technologies initiative across all TAFEWA colleges)
  • Trainers Professional Development Network
  • E-learning applications for disengaged youth ( focus on 15-19 year old client group and related production technology and digital media arts skills)
  • EquitE Online (teachers/trainers from the adult ESL and Adult Basic Education fields interested in blended learning and voice tools)
  • Adult Literacy volunteer tutors network (Qld based)

UK Podcast Directory for Educators, Schools and Colleges

Educational podcasting for teaching and learning

This is the first UK directory for podcasts for educational use - each listed podcast is ideal for teaching and learning activities with children or young people at home, school or college.

With more and more audio, enhanced and video podcasts on the Internet, you need to access quality educational podcasts for teaching and learning.

This site is accredited by BECTA as a registered content provider for Curriculum Online.

In this directory, educators can freely access educational content in over 2500 podcasts, with search facilities to locate podcasts in subject areas.

The directory creators affirm:
All the listed podcasts are "family friendly", sourced world-wide and are good examples of educational podcasting from schools, colleges and educational professionals to support effective teaching and learning in this digital age as well as professional development and information.

You can access the site here:

The podcasting for educators site includes:

- a heap of resources on how to create podcasts, get them onto the Internet, access channels and RSS feeds:

- podcast "educational channels" giving you access to podcasts developed at home, in schools and colleges by children, young people, teachers and parents:

- subject-specific podcasts:

- alphabetical listing of all podcasts (channels):

OSSwin project - Open Source Games for Windows

The OSSwin Project provides a registry of Open Source Games for Windows in the following categories:
  • adventure/ role playing
  • arcade/classics
  • action
  • board games
  • card games
  • first person shooter
  • platform
  • racing
  • puzzle
  • real-time strategy
  • simulators
  • sport
  • strategy
  • quiz
  • word games
These open source games can be accessed at:

Monday, May 15, 2006

The OSSwin Project :Open Source Software for Windows

The OSSwin Project, Open Source for Windows, provides a huge range of open source software for every conceivable purpose:

Here's a list of categories of what is available:
  • audio editing tools
  • business software
  • CAD software and Electronic Design Automation (EDA)
  • CD writing
  • compression/zip
  • Databases
  • desktop environments & windows shell replacements
  • dictionaries
  • drivers/hardware
  • educational
  • emulators
  • encyclopedia
  • filesharing
  • FTP clients
  • firewall and NAT
  • file systems
  • graphics
  • instant messaging
  • internet voice chat
  • IRC clients
  • mail & news
  • media players (audio & video & codecs)
  • networking tools
  • NTP clients
  • office tools
  • operating systems
  • postscript viewers
  • programming
  • remote access
  • Science & Maths (including mathematics, biology, geographic information systems)
  • security, privacy and protection
  • server software
  • SCP clients
  • stream downloaders
  • text editors
  • utilities
  • video capture/processing
  • VJ software
  • webbrowsers
  • webgrabbers and download managers
  • X-servers
Click the link below to access the software:

For more information on Open Source visit the Open Source Initiative.

Catalog of Free and Open Source Software for Education

Open Source Victoria provides a Catalog of Free and Open Source Software for Education via a pdf file (13MB, 80 pages).

The Catalog covers the following categories of software for education:
  • Office productivity applications
  • Graphics
  • Desktop publishing
  • Multimedia
  • Scientific applications
  • Mathematical applications
  • Human languages
  • Computer programming
  • Educational games
  • Computer infrastructure for schools
  • Information systems solutions
  • Primary school children
You can download the Catalog here: